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Every picnic has a story to be shared, and those stories are shared by telling them and by the pictures that show them. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes those pictures tell and even bigger story than you might think. If you are in need of a place to share those picnic pictures than look no further. This domain is up for bid and can be used to show off those picnic pictures as well as the stories that go with them.

With this site you can upload various picnic pictures such as those from work or from home. You can even write your own stories or captions to go with those pictures so that everyone who see the site will have all the information they need when they are looking at the pictures. Perhaps this is going to be used as a work blog for all those business picnics that gather all the employees and rewards them with a day for everyone to get to know each other. Those employees can then share their comments or their experiences of the day right on your site for all to enjoy.

Or perhaps you are thinking of a family site such as private that only you have control over or the entire family. You can either do the additions yourself, or have family members write in themselves. Whatever your choice, it will be a memorable one as everyone can see your family pictures for themselves.

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